Bogie Heart Furnaces

It is a furnace that moves on wheels like a car, on which the parts to be heat treated are placed. It is used in processes such as Stress Relief, Normalization, Annealing, Tempering.

  • Capacity up to 100 tons
  • Temperature up to 1300 C
  • Electric or natural gas heating
  • Manual or automatic trolley transport system
  • Manual or automatic door system


Siemens PLC control system features:

  • PLC controlled heating speed
  • Optional PLC controlled cooling system
  • Historical monitoring of faults and alarms
  • Visual monitoring of equipments
  • Determination of maintenance periods
  • Viewing PLC I/Os
  • Energy analyzer showing current, voltage, frequency on the panel
  • IP 54 Protection Class
  • Lighting with in-panel luminaire and break switch